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Connecting Data to Data


  • Web Data Acquisition - Yes
  • Web Data Post-Processing - Yes
  • Web Data Formatting - Yes

    Programs to Date

  • Basic Listings Program (BLP)
  • Basic Listings Integration Program (BLIP)
  • Business Listing Acquisition SErvice (BLASE)

    Program Descriptions

    The Basic Listings Program (BLP) takes Business Contact Data and transforms it into schema-encoded snippets for integration into web pages. This solution was provided gratis to automate a manual process for a specific customer.

    The Basic Listings Integration Program (BLIP) integrates the BLP and automates the updating of 100+ websites via FTP through its ability to parse manually written web pages and replace old data with new data. This program was commissioned and sold to a customer to automate a human process that allows them to update 100+ of their websites in a matter of days rather than years.

    The Business Listing Acquisition SErvice (BLASE) crawls the internet on your behalf collecting Business Contact Data from targeted websites. This is sold as a service on a penny per contact basis with a minimum of 15,000 contacts. Repeat customers may negotiate a flat rate per site if a schedule is provided with dates and sites. You must provide the information that you want captured and the table format (csv or tab) of the resulting data. Post-processing of the collected data against a map costs extra. The post-processing will be billed at the hourly rate for initial creation. Thereafter, it will cost a penny per contact assuming that the post-processing map is re-used. If desired, a custom formatting may be provided at the hourly rate for the initial formatting creation. Thereafter, it shall be re-used and no fee thereafter.

    Rate Information
    Rate is $150/hr in 15 minute increments rounded up
    Solutions are time and cost estimated for a specific custom solution.
    Requirement changes are time and cost estimated separately when submitted during development